Term 2.... we're out!

As we near the end of another term, we want to take time to reflect on all of our major accomplishments over the past six months.

15th June 2021

Hello Families,

As we near the end of another term, we want to take time to reflect on all of our major accomplishments over the past six months.

This is indeed a significant time for our community. Throughout the first half of this year, we have worked together to recreate our school's outward appearance. It is fair to say that this has been challenging, with a limited amount of time and a hard deadline to meet. And yet again, in the face of an uphill battle, we have shown that we are able to collectively overcome and succeed.

In addition to this rebrand, we have also shown our ability to transition with ease from face-to-face learning to remote learning. Again, we acknowledge the challenges with moving into lockdown. Yet we were able to quickly boot up our Remote Learning program, and as a community we ensured that our children’s learning (and projects!) continued.

We want to give a shout out to all our families. Our Remote Learning program is only successful because we know how to work together, towards the common goal of providing meaningful education to our children. Their learning and development is always at the centre of what we design and deliver. No compromise.

In the midst of rebranding and Remote Learning, we have also been making adjustments to our team. As you know, we have been able to move Melinda Male into the Operations Lead role. Mel now works closely with Amanda and the school leadership in the areas of finance, operations, HR and governance. We are so thankful to have Mel in this role, her contribution is significant and she fits the culture of our community perfectly.

This change of role for Mel was possible because we found a wonderful replacement for our Front Office position. You may have met Teresa Abate who started with us a number of weeks ago. Teresa comes with a vast amount of experience in administration. She is a self-driven rapid learner who is adapting quickly to our community and culture. We are very thankful to have her on our team.

We must digress from our accomplishments for a moment to let you know about a change in staff that has come as a bit of a surprise. Mathew Buck, who has been working with the Forest cohort, has let us know that he will be leaving our community at the end of this term. Mat is leaving as his wife has been offered a job that is too good to refuse, and so Mat will be looking after his three boys at home. This comes as really sad news as we have quickly grown to appreciate the contribution that Mat brings to our community. He is very much loved by our Forest cohort, and he will be missed by all.

Back to accomplishments... We are excited to share that the renovations of our new space near The Shed (thinking about calling it the Shedlette!) are tracking well. All going well, we will be able to open this space at the beginning of Term 3. It will be set up as a textiles and design studio with our sewing machines and other materials. Our Forest cohort will use this space for some of their learning. We will also use it for product creation and opt-in workshops. It will make a huge difference to have this additional space.

We are proud of the things that we have been able to accomplish over the last six months. We anticipate the second half of the year will be a little more relaxed, as we are now on the other side of some major huddles. This will provide time for us to reset, regroup and set the direction for our next chapter together.

Before we sign off for the term, there are a few operational updates we need to share with you.


You may have noticed that there have been some interruptions to our use of Beacon. This is due to the alterations that are being made behind the scene as part of the rebranding and data migration.

In place of Beacon, we will use emails to communicate updates and important information to all our families. We will keep you posted on when we are back up and running, and apologise for the interruptions.


We have introduced a new sign in and sign out system using a QR code (very fancy!), which can be found in the Front Office. The QR code has replaced the old visitors book and will be used for all late arrivals, early pickups and all visitors to our school. Not only does this make sign in and sign out easier, it also ensures we are following COVID safe guidelines.

We ask that everyone uses this on arrival and exit. This includes when children arrive after 9.00am in the morning, or are picked up early. Please remember to bring your mobile phone so that you can scan the code! We appreciate everyone’s support with this new system. It is important that we all make an effort to follow these guidelines so that we can keep our community safe.


We are all crossing fingers and toes for a fun, active school holiday. So restrictions permitting, we wanted to share some great local holiday programs.

From Monday 21st June

From Monday 28th June


All school photo orders will be sent home with your children tomorrow afternoon.

Well that is a wrap for the term! Once again we want to thank everyone for your ongoing and continual support. We are grateful to have such a special community. We look forward to seeing everyone again next term, as we re-emerge from the holiday break as Newmark Primary.

Take care and be safe,

The team @ Newmark

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