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We invite you to start your enrolment journey at Newmark Primary today. 

Step 1
School Tour

Come along to see us in action! 

We invite all families interested in our school to come visit us for a tour.

During the tour we will share our unique approach to teaching and learning with you, and show you our children in action!

You'll also have the opportunity to meet some of the people who have designed our educational philosophy.

Step 2
Join our Waitlist

Like what you experienced on the school tour?

If you're keen to enrol we invite you to join our waitlist.  A non refundable $150 waitlist fee is payable.

We reach out to families on our waitlist around one year prior to the year of entry, to schedule personal meeting and to interview with us. 

If you're looking for immediate enrolment we may invite you to interview earlier depending on availability and suitability for your required year level. 


Step 3
Family Interview

Let's get to know each other.

During our family interviews, we hope to kick off a long term relationship to help us collaborate with you on the growth and development of your child.

Parents will spend time speaking with members of our school leadership team.

Your child will spend time in a learning studio with an educator and other children of a similar age.

This is a great opportunity to see if we're the right fit!

Step 4
Enrolment Offer

It's a perfect fit!

If we're right for you and you're right for us we will get started on your child's learning journey.

We'll send through your enrolment offer along with other details.

Once you've formally accepted the offer, we'll issue your enrolment fee and tuition deposit to secure your place. 

To see a summary of our fees follow the link below.   


Fees at Newmark Primary:

  • Enrolment Fee of $750.00 (one off payment)

  • Tuition Fee (annual payment, paid in four instalments)

  • Learning Resource Fee (annual payment, paid in four instalments)

Sibling discounts

We offer a 10% discount for the first sibling's tuition fee and 15% discount for each additional sibling's tuition fee. 

*Newmark Primary generally increases school fees in the standard range of 2-4% each year, in alignment with Independent Schools Victoria guidelines. 


Newmark Primary offers full and partial scholarships to children who would not ordinarily be able to attend our school, but have the potential to thrive in our setting.

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