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We look for people who live intentionally, conscious of their contribution and impact.  Come join our team and make your mark with us!

For us, it's all about cultural fit, team composition and staff development.


We are on the search for people who see the need for change in education, and want to be a part of the solution. Our aim is to create a team with diverse expertise and interests, so we can all contribute to building better education in unique ways.


We are committed to the development of our team members across all roles. We support our team to grow their expertise and skills, to contribute in meaningful ways and to have an impact at Newmark Primary and beyond!


We ask our team, 'What parts of our program are you passionate about?' We support and encourage our team to become experts in areas of interest.


We ask our team, 'What will be your contribution?' We provide opportunities for our team to use their expertise to lead projects to build better education with us.


We ask our team, 'What has been your impact?' We coach our team to live consciously, and to recognise their impact in our community and beyond. 



We are searching for an experienced Performing Arts teacher to join our team. At Newmark Primary we believe that music and movement help us express and evoke emotion, make meaningful statements and convey important messages. So if you are a musician who likes to move your body through dance and performance, we’d love to meet you!

Applications close: Friday 10th November 2023

Current positions
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