Our values guide our interactions, creating a rich culture of collaboration, contribution and impact.

Make someone's day

We build each other up, and use acts of kindness to spread joy, drive change and create a safe space for everyone.


Better together

We champion collaboration between children, adults and communities in order to contribute towards a common good.



Find a way

We value bravery. We aren’t afraid to get stuck in and to build and pioneer new ways of doing things.


Know your impact

We listen to and consider other people, and we are aware of the impact of our decisions and actions.


Go beyond

We make time for others and go beyond what is expected, putting positive contribution at the heart of everything we do.



Keep it real

We don't shy away from what is real. We value genuine connections and experiences, and we seek them out.

We equip children to be curious thinkers and courageous doers so they can make their mark in the world.