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We're not experimental or alternative. We do mainstream education differently. 

We frequently get asked what makes us different.


Our approach to teaching and learning has a strong focus on the basic skills our children need in order to access, and participate in the world around them. We use data to create differentiated programs that cater for the needs of our children.


Our point of difference comes with the synthesis and application of these skills. Working through a design process, our children use their newly acquired knowledge and skills to create real products and services for real people in the world around them. We create authentic learning experiences for our children, connecting them to community and showing them they can have an impact today.  

By doing this, we are nurturing and equipping the change-makers of tomorrow. 

Solutions by design

Our children learn about real-world problems and work together to design and create solutions. 

Access to experts

Our children learn from experts in the community, seeing first-hand how their contribution makes a difference.


Community connection

Our children frequently use community services so they learn to value and care about them.

Impacting today

We teach our children to think globally but act locally, so they can make a sustainable difference in their communities.

Practical know-how

Our children develop emotional strength and practical know-how.


Embracing diversity

We encourage children to embrace and nurture their differences and value them as diverse and unique thinkers.

We believe children should be taught to live with their eyes wide open, and to understand the world around them so that they can make a positive social and environmental impact.

Our children use their knowledge and skills to create positive social and environmental change in the world.  They engage with community groups and experts to learn first-hand about the needs of others, so that they can design and create solutions with their audience in mind. 


This authentic real world application helps our children understand the purpose of learning, and how to positively contribute to the world. Understanding why learning matters, leads to genuine engagement and self-motivation.  


Seek new perspectives

Our children learn empathy and curiosity so they never stop searching for new perspectives on the world around them.

Build from mistakes

We take an applied approach to learning, we aren't afraid to try something new, make mistakes and build from there.


Influence change

We teach children to look for opportunities that will propel positive change in their communities and beyond.

Be courageous

We light a path for children to become curious learners, empathetic thinkers and courageous doers.

Make conscious decisions

We equip children to be conscious decision makers and collaborators in society.


Launch projects

We immerse our children in the real world through project, community and purpose-based learning.

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