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Wondering how you can support us in delivering meaningful education to children at Newmark Primary?


One way you can do this is by gifting the school with a donation.  As a small Independent School with BIG ambitions, we are grateful for the generosity of others which helps us realise our dream of offering a more relevant and human-centred learning experience for children.


At a time when the conventional education system is showing its age, we want to be at the forefront of demonstrating a better approach. Since the school's inception in 2016, we have successfully designed and refined an action-oriented, community-based program for children.


Our children really are being equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to change their community for the better, both today and tomorrow. We encourage them to use human-centred design to solve real problems in the world, and we show them how they can have a positive impact by creating their very own social enterprise businesses.


If you want to be a part of our mission to make education more meaningful for children, why not consider donating today. Your gift will help us offer scholarships to more children, improve our buildings and grounds, and continue to expand and develop our programs.

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