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We equip our children with the know-how to contribute to and change their community for the better. So they can make a meaningful mark on today, and tomorrow.

We inspire children to be curious learners, empathetic thinkers and courageous doers through authentic learning grounded in real-life experiences. We immerse children in the world around them, showing them the problems and opportunities in it.

We encourage them to be bold – to question the status quo, to get stuck in and make their mark. Giving them the emotional strength and practical know-how to find solutions that propel positive change in their communities and beyond.

Mainstream... but different

We're not experimental or alternative.
We do mainstream education differently. 

A program with purpose

We immerse our children in the real world through project, community and purpose-based learning.


An informed approach

We're grounded in research and best practice education. 

Our school opened in 2016 as the first of its kind. It was first imagined, and then realised by a team of educators who recognised the need to make education meaningful and relevant again. 

In a world that is changing rapidly - technology, global pandemics, challenges like climate change, increasing rates of mental health conditions and changes in community connection - the need for education to evolve has never been more important. Future generations need to be equipped with the emotional and practical tools for an uncertain future.


With a growing awareness that the current education system is out-dated, the co-founders of the school cast a vision of action-oriented education that is relevant for children today. More than five years down the track, the school has established an approach that helps children understand the purpose of learning, and equips them to have a positive impact today, and in the days to come. 

We are an Independent School located in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We cater for a diverse range of children from Foundation to Year 6. Our children engage in project-based learning, delivering real products and services to solve problems in the surrounding communities.  

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