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Doctor's Visit.

Foundation & Year 1


We all experience a large range of emotions in our day to day lives, from excitement and joy to feelings of sadness and fear- it's part of being human! During this experience children explore the different parts of the brain, with a large focus on the relationship between the Cortex and Amygdala. They investigate what it means to ‘flip your lid’, in other words when the chemicals released from the Amygdala prevent the Cortex from being able to function properly. The children explore strategies that can be used to help reduce the chemical reaction in our brain so we can regulate our emotions and make better decisions.

The Audience

Utopia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health Clinic.
A health service helping refugees and asylum seekers across Melbourne. 

The Problem

Children who are new to Australia might be feeling nervous when they visit the doctor. It can be hard to regulate your emotions when you are anxious about going to a new place and meeting new people.

The Solution

Design and make resources for children visiting Utopia so they are able to regulate their emotions and feel calm and confident when waiting to see a doctor. The resources include a song, a book of breathing strategies,  paintings of calm scenes and playlists with calm music.

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