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Calming Emotions.

Foundation & Year 1.


We all experience a large range of emotions in our day to day lives, from excitement and joy to feelings of sadness and fear- it's part of being human! During this experience children explore the different parts of the brain, with a large focus on the relationship between the Cortex and Amygdala. They investigate what it means to ‘flip your lid’, in other words when the chemicals released from the Amygdala prevent the Cortex from being able to function properly. The children explore strategies that can be used to help reduce the chemical reaction in our brain so we can regulate our emotions and make better decisions.

The Audience

Robina Scott Kindergarten.
A local Early Learning Centre for 3 and 4 year old children.

The Problem

Sometimes we lose control of our emotions and ‘flip our lid’, affecting our ability to think logically and problem solve. This is especially true for young children as they are learning how to regulate their emotions. When we ‘flip our lids’ we can act in ways that hurt others and leave us feeling pretty low too. 

The Solution

Design and make resources for young children to use when they need help to regulate their emotions. These included weighted toys, books and calming art works. 

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