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Newcast Productions.

Year 2 & 3.


At our school it is important that our children are part of what’s happening in our community. So of course we asked them to contribute to our transition into Newmark Primary! As part of this project the Year 2 and 3 children explore how the shared values and beliefs of a group of people can shape the group identity. They investigate how a group of people can express their identity through what they say and do (in other words, through their collective ‘voice’). 

The Audience

Newmark Primary Website

Catering for people who would like to know more about our school.

The Need

As we transition into Newmark Primary, the wider community does not know what’s important to us. We need to find a way to share our values and beliefs with others.

The Solution

Design and create podcasts to go on the Newmark Primary website to showcase people in our community who live out our shared beliefs. These are people who know what it means to grow, contribute and impact. 

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